Organic Essential Oil Rollerball - Balance Blend

Organic Essential Oil Rollerball - Balance Blend

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"All Smiles" Balance Blend: Cut through anxiety and stress with this balancing blend of organic orange and lavender essential oils. Ingredients: *Sweet Orange Oil, *Lavender Oil, *Sunflower Oil *Certified Organic Ingredient Free Shelf Talkers with every order! **Order All 4 Blends (Headache, Balance, Restful, and Uplift) to have a FREE 4x3 display rack included.**

Why choose us?


I started this venture to fulfill a growing need.  I care about those who are enduring tough times because of personal experience.  And, I take to heart the desire to shower loved ones with something thoughtful and unique.


Quality means everything to me.  I take the time to test, taste, and make changes to my inventory according to those results.  What you get is an excellent product.

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