The Story

Mom and Dad Summer 2018
Pictured:  Mom and Dad June 2018. Dad passed 12/20/18.

THE SPARK:  The idea for Care By Air was borne in the Spring of 2018 when my 81-year-old father, following a fall that caused a significant decline in function, was admitted to a nearby hospital...and never again able to live at home. 

THE STRUGGLE:  The back and forth from rehab facility to hospital, back to rehab facility and,  finally, to a nursing home was lengthy.  Those many months were fraught with physical, mental, emotional, and financial stress.  And, as life would have it, much of that stress fell on my mother, his caregiver.  My siblings and I visited as often as we could; however, there was never enough time to ensure that their needs were being met, while also spending time with them and showing them love and attention. 

THE SEARCH:  I looked online for a care package of sorts...something that would feel like a hug from afar, with adaptive items that would help address Dad's declining functional mobility.  However, my search came up short.  In conversations with peers who had been facing the same family issues, I realized I wasn't alone in my search for meaningful gifts to send loved ones across the miles.

THE SOUVENIR:  Being a cancer warrior (of 12 years in August 2020!), I've never forgotten the packages of gifts, books, and sentiments that arrived on our doorstep during the time I was sick.  Each souvenir kept me from feeling so terribly isolated, through life with a 2- and 6-year-old, surgeries, and one of the toughest (now obsolete) chemotherapy regimens.  That memory steered me to the business concept for Care By Air, and became a vehicle for helping others do the same.

THE SENTIMENT:  Honestly, I just want to spread some joy through these care packages.  I know.  It's cheesy.  But, it's true.  We often get so wrapped up in the crazy, that we run out of time for the calm.  I hope you're able to step off the hamster wheel for a few, and send something truly meaningful...something that will feel like a warm, long-distance hug.


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