Our Story

Nikki and me at a Women's Retreat May 2018
Me and my friend, Nickie, at a Women's Retreat May 2018.
Nickie passed away May 19th, 2020.

THE SPARK:  STRUGGLE.  The struggle of my own fight with a fast-growing cancer in 2008, when my children were ages 2 and 5, has left an indelible mark.  Nearly ten years later, walking beside two others who were struggling with their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual battles combined with my experience to ignite the fire for Care By Air.  

In early October of 2017, I learned of my dear friend Nickie's Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis.  The diagnosis begat a long and arduous battle for her life, all while she continued to co-parent four teenagers, one with special needs. 

Two months later, my unhealthy 81-year-old father spiraled into a sharp medical and physical decline.  His cognition and functional mobility were drastically affected by multiple diagnoses, some ambiguous.  What started with a fall and subsequent ambulance ride to the hospital ended with him starving to death in a nursing home because of his aging, dysfunctional body.  

Those struggles, and the pain and suffering within, helped me realize that connection with those around us is so incredibly important -- today.  No matter the struggle, no matter the distance.

THE SOUVENIR:  CONNECTION.  Though it's now many years since my cancer diagnosis (12 in August 2020!), I've never forgotten the packages of gifts, books, and sentiments that arrived on our doorstep during the time I was sick and isolated.  Each gesture kept me from feeling so terribly alone, amid life with a 2- and 5-year-old, surgeries, and one of the most grueling and painful now-obsolete chemotherapy and immunotherapy regimens.  

THE SEARCH: CARE PACKAGES.  When Dad moved to the nursing home, I looked online for a care package for Mom and Dad.  I wanted something that would feel like a hug from afar, with adaptive items akin to those I used as a music therapist in medical and psychiatric settings.  Needless to say, my search for the right care package came up short.  I decided it was time to make my own, and help others in the same predicament.  

THE SENTIMENT:  LOVE.  Honestly, I just want to spread some love and joy through these care packages.  It's cheesy.  But, it's true.  We get so consumed by the craziness of this life, especially amid a pandemic and eventful year of discord.

I'm here to help you step off the hamster wheel, and connect with those you love.  Choose your package, and sit back while I carefully curate, assemble, and ship that virtual hug to your loved ones.  NEW October 2020!  The Etsy Shop is open!  Check us out at:  www.etsy.com/shop/CareByAirGifts

Mom and Dad Summer 2018

Mom and Dad June 2018. Dad passed away December 20, 2018.