Men's Taking Care of Business Caregiver Package

Men's Taking Care of Business Caregiver Package

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This package is for the caregiver who never throws in the towel.  He works hard to take care of those around him, and makes sure the "you-know-what" doesn't hit the fan.  Send him something that lets him know you notice all that he does, and you appreciate him putting his own needs second. 

The "Business" package contains:  Men's Dr. Motion mild compression socks 8-15 mmHg - size 7-12 (patterns vary); beeOCH Organics Handmade Eucalyptus Menthol Aromatherapy Rice Pack (can be used hot or cold); NEBO BitBrite pocket flashlight with clip, magnetic base, and three magnetized screwdriver bits; Wooden Box Sign "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" OR "My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa"; and a bear hug bundle of Colorado-made Country Lollipops - bear-shaped/pina colada flavor (flavors vary based on availability; Sugar-free available upon request.  Please note in "Gift Message" section, along with your personalized message for the gift note.  

All gift items are nestled into a bed of Kraft crinkle, packaged with seasonal graphic tissue and mini greens or mini gift (film camera bookmark magnifier) and finished off with your personalized gift message.  PLEASE DON'T FORGET to write a message to the recipient in the "Gift Message" tab below product description...or I won't know what to write!

Why choose us?


I started this venture to fulfill a growing need.  I care about those who are enduring tough times because of personal experience.  And, I take to heart the desire to shower loved ones with something thoughtful and unique.


Quality means everything to me.  I take the time to test, taste, and make changes to my inventory according to those results.  What you get is an excellent product.

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