I used to think  “acts of service” was my love language.  And, I am moved and grateful for acts of service.  But, for me, quality time means more, especially in an era of constant "noise" and distraction.  Time spent being purposeful in our actions, and spending quality time with those around us, is what really motivates me.  But, we'll touch more on quality time with others in another post.  Today's message is about following through with our ideas, despite the distractions.  I think taking that first step - acting on the ideas we formulate - can be paralyzing for some people.  Being paralyzed by indecision, fear of failure, fear of success (yes, it’s a thing), and perfectionism seems to be more common in today's world than I realized.  I talk with others about being intentional about tasks; yet, so often they get derailed by fear, lack of focus, and distraction.  Alas, the tasks aren't finished.  They're 80% complete.  THIS is where purpose steps in.  

That last 20% required to finish the job comes from acting with purpose.  INTENTION to act is exactly that - an initial plan that is not played out to its entirety.  PURPOSE is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.  Being purposeful, remembering the reason we do the things we do, helps us round the corner to the finish line.  And, the more we round those corners to completion, the more we experience SUCCESS by pushing our fears to the back, rather than the forefront, of our minds.   In the seven months I've spent building, curating, selling, re-stocking, and re-constructing Care By Air, I've slowed my roll a bit. I'm taking valuable moments, here and there, to consider what's most important, and to redefine several former goals as a small business owner, based on the PURPOSE for which Care By Air was created.  Sometimes you've just gotta jump in, head first, before you're ready. After all, everyone knows that - when you tentatively and slowly sink into the cold waters of a pool, feet first, you shrink back - and the water feels so much colder and unwelcoming! Jump in with intention, but without time to consider the alternative, and the deed is done!  Nothing to fear, and nothing more to contemplate. I sometimes feel that I approached Care By Air that way, in the beginning. Jumped in, with intention and determination, without time to consider the alternative.  And, constant reminders of my PURPOSE have kept me going, pushing me to completion.  

I gotta be honest.  I proceed with PURPOSE most days.  Other days, it takes a bit more "umph" to purposefully proceed and get the job done.  It's ok, though!  That’s life!  And, I'm human!  SUCCESS, then, comes from working hard toward our goals, acknowledging the distractions, and then returning to the path with renewed PURPOSE.  For me, that PURPOSE is to make an impact on the lives around me.  I do this by providing folks with a way to connect with their loved ones through tough times, despite the distance that separates them.  Don’t worry about distractions or derailments. Life is full of them. How you react to them is what matters. Getting the job done requires you enter into your plan with intention.  And, follow it through with purpose.  Intention + Purpose = Success. 

Best Wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Carol Staudacher

    This message really hit home to me! I think I belong in that 80% club, too! But I am also trying to move forward to accomplish my goals with lots of prayers for strength to endure and patience.

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