In the Face of: COVID-19

In the Face of:  COVID-19

Ok.  Tell me you didn't know COVID-19 would be the topic of this blog.  It's here.  It's affecting us.  It's keeping most of us from our second homes:  work, school, the gym, our fave restaurant, church, heck - our NEIGHBOR'S house!  It's all surreal; however, in hindsight, we can't be super surprised.  Epidemiologists have been telling us that some sort of flu epidemic was on the horizon for several years now.  And, of course, the unknown, combined with the passage of time since the last pandemic, has put us in this state of apathy and disbelief.  

So, what can we do about it?  "What now?"  And, ultimately, "how will we survive - emotionally - relatively unscathed"?  

In perusing information and resources about the Novel Coronavirus, I came across an article this weekend that caught my eye.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration or SAMHSA, published a pamphlet entitled Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health:  Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak.  Though the pamphlet was published in 2014, much of it is relevant to how we might approach COVID, and a good reminder of coping mechanisms that we may not have enacted in awhile. There's also a fact sheet on how to talk with children about the pandemic.  SAMHSA does have other resources addressed to COVID-19 specifically.  Take note, though - much of it is geared toward mental health providers.  The CDC is always a good source of information, and they continue to update their website with pertinent information for the general public about the virus and how to cope.  Lastly, check government websites for information on what your state and local officials are doing in response.

In the meantime, don't panic.  Fear is the enemy of the soul.  Keeping calm and rational, while practicing sound social distancing and hygiene are the key during these uncertain times.  And, keep busy!  Fire up those Zoom or FaceTime apps for connecting with loved ones online.  OR, get out that good ole' pen and paper!  

Thanks so much for being part of the Care By Air community, Friends.  I am eternally grateful for you, and hope to be able to connect with as many of you as I can - in person - SOON.  In the meantime, stay safe and sane!  I'll "see" you online!

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