Creator Spotlight #4: Handcrafted Soaps by Rachel

Creator Spotlight #4:  Handcrafted Soaps by Rachel

Since I ventured into the world of care packages, I've had the opportunity to observe and connect with a plethora of uber-talented creators and artisans, and I'm always hungry for more connections!  It is truly humbling to occupy a tiny speck in their world.  A commitment to support those creators and their ventures is really important to me.  Every day, I encounter men and women who are dedicated to hard work and quality authentic craftsmanship, values that are waning in today's consumer world.  In an effort to give you a little peek into their products, I started the Creator Spotlight series, highlighting many of the brands I stock at Care By Air.  The first spotlight shone on Anne Franklin, of {afd} gifts.  Next, Brooke Sarmiento, founder of beeOCH Organics in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.  I shifted gears last month to spotlight a couple of hobbyists rather than business owners.  December featured my mom's hand crafted masks that made their way into holiday care packages. 

This Creator Spotlight focuses on the soap-making talents of Colorado mom, teacher, rower, hen-raiser (yep!), and hobbyist extraordinaire, Rachel Pazmino.  Rachel and I met years ago at our local Rocky Mountain Rowing Club.  Both Masters rowers who rowed in college and had two kids each of similar ages, she and I became fast friends.  Rachel is the quiet one whose sense of humor comes out of the shadows and packs a punch when you least expect it, forcing you to tears of laughter.  

Having started in the teaching profession in the early 90s, Rachel taught at the elementary school level, and lists first grade as her favorite because "the excitement is there, and there is so much progress".  Recently, she's moved on to the high school level as a substitute teacher.  Outside of the academic world, she  taught various youth fitness classes, swimming and rowing. 

Rachel is always crafting and creating something awesome -- limoncello, cherry liqueur, eye-catching photographs...But, a few years ago, she gifted me with something new - her handmade, all-natural clove soap.  It smelled so good that I wanted to eat it!  Let me tell you -- I am super picky about scents.  I have no interest in smelling like an apothecary exploded on my skin.  Rachel's soaps are different, though.  She has a distinguishing sniffer, so her soap scents are clean and precise - not muddied. A no-nonsense, home-based venture, Rachel's soaps are crafted in her kitchen, and she uses all-natural ingredients in her soap-making, including:  olive oil; coconut oil; lavender, clove, spearmint, eucalyptus, and orange pure essential oils; dried mint leaves and ground cloves; coffee; and distilled water.  

Her favorite hobby outside of soap-making is rowing (and I second that!), which brings early morning serenity, camaraderie, peace, health, competition and fun!  Rachel lives just outside of Denver with her husband and kids, and has two prized hens:  Princess Lay-a, and Chick Pea ("Peasy" for short).  Find Rachel's soaps in the Spring version of Care By Air's Women's Gift Package on Etsy and more!

Top:  Celebrating Rachel's birthday

Bottom:  Rachel and me and two RMRC teammates - World Masters Rowing Championship - Sarasota, FL 2019



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