Well?  It's here!  Yep, on the horizon!  TOMORROW, in fact!  Can you believe it? The day the kids prep for, talk or text about between classes or on the playground, maybe even lose sleep over!  Everyone's getting ready.  That holiday of all Fall Holidays is hours away...It is...(drum roll, please!)  🎉 





..."Wait.  Um...WHAT???"

Oh, yeah.  It's a thing, People!  A new world holiday.  For Gratitude.  Hard to believe, amid the sickness, the fighting, the politics, the horrors of the world.  Right?   Alas, it is real.  And, it really shouldn't surprise us.  Gratitude has actually been shown to "change the brain".  Several studies on the benefits of gratitude practice show a decrease in depressive symptoms and anxiety.  

In a recent gratitude research study, it was found that all anxious and depressed subjects who participated in a gratitude letter-writing experiment, showed significant changes in behavior.  Using MRI scans it was determined that..."they were better able to manage negative emotions (like guilt) and were more willing to be helpful, empathetic and kind—once again linking the benefits of gratitude to other positive emotions."  

A study by American researchers assigned a group of young adults to journal daily about things for which they were grateful.  Another group of individuals were assigned to journal about things that annoyed them.  The grateful adults exhibited more significant increases in "determination, attention, enthusiasm and energy".

Not sure how to display that gratitude?  Well, of course I'd be fibbing if I didn't think a lovely care package might fit the bill.  But, a simple call, a short text, or a card with "Thank You" will do just the trick.  Looking for inspiration on how to more eloquently state your thanks?  Shutterfly collaborative TinyPrints included tips on how to say "thank you"  in one of their early Fall email blasts.  Check it out here.  

Practice gratitude.  And, make it a habit.  Plain and simple. 

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