Creator Spotlight #2: beeOCH Organics

Creator Spotlight #2:  beeOCH Organics

Creator Spotlight Re-cap:  Since I started this small business journey, I've had the opportunity to observe and connect with a plethora of uber-talented creators and artisans.  It is truly humbling to occupy a tiny speck in their world.  I pride myself on a commitment to support those creators and their ventures, first and foremost.  And, I find that the majority of these fabulous men and women are dedicated to hard work and quality craftsmanship, values that are waning in today's consumer world. 

In an effort to give you a little peek into their products, I started the Creator Spotlight series, highlighting many of the brands I stock at Care By Air.  Last month, I featured Anne Franklin, of {afd} gifts.  Anne creates "lovely little pieces", crafted of vintage and repurposed materials.  Check out the October blog post to read all about her, and find {afd} gifts on Etsy!  

This month's creator is Brooke Sarmiento, founder of beeOCH Organics in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.  Brooke started beeOCH in 2015, after switching gears from the pursuit of a medical career.  Five months pregnant at the time, Brooke was denied a letter of recommendation for medical school by a professor who cited "life circumstances" as the reason.  Brooke decided to take a more holistic approach to healthcare after discovering that an "all-natural" cocoa butter she'd purchased was anything but that. 

She began to research the world of beauty products, and her suspicions of widespread greenwashing rang true.  (Greenwashing def. = the devious practice of investing more money into marketing a company as environmentally friendly over actually minimizing the company's environmental impact.).  Brooke knew then that she needed to take matters into her own hands, and began formulating her products from natural and organic ingredients.  BEE-OCH received the distinction of being USDA Organic in 2015. While the company name is a fun play on words, several products within the line are crafted of organic beeswax.  Brooke says the acronym for the name beeOCH is her motto to:  "BEE Original, BEE Change, BEE Heard. "   

    Brooke adds that the coffee shop next door is open for business and is a great stop before coming in to browse at beeOCH!  She's prepped and ready to go for the holidays with two new employees and an expansion into the space adjacent to hers.  

    I am absolutely crazy about beeOCH products, and use the muscle rub and roller blends on a daily basis!  Care By Air stocks several products from the beeOCH line, but care package mainstays are:

    • Hot/Cold Aromatherapy Rice Packs
    • Organic Menthol Muscle Rub
    • Organic Essential Oil Roller Blends (Sandman - Restful Blend, All Smiles - Relaxing Blend, and occasionally Zinger - Pick-Me-Up Blend and Migreat for headache relief)
    • Tinted Lip Balm

    Thanks for your wonderful products, Brooke!

    Brooke and her daughter at the Ft. Lupton store.  

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