Creator Spotlight Series #1: {afd} designs

Creator Spotlight Series #1:  {afd} designs

There are a lot of aspects of owning a small business that I embrace.  Others, not so much.  Above all, though, I have enjoyed observing and connecting with the wonderful world of creators and artisans out there.  It is truly humbling to occupy a tiny spot in that world.  I pride myself on a commitment to support those creators and their small businesses, first and foremost.  When I first started searching for the right product, I just didn't know where to look.  There were enormous merchandise shows in places like Vegas and Atlanta, with a laundry list of start-ups and established businesses alike.  "But," I thought, "Do I really have to travel that far in order to find the right products for Care By Air?"  Don't get me wrong.  Some of the brands at those huge shows might be worth pursuing a relationship.  But I quickly found that there were/are so many fabulous "little" outfits whose owners are genuine.  And, who pride themselves on hard work and quality craftsmanship, values that are waning in today's consumer world.  Many tirelessly hustle in an effort to connect with their communities first and make a living second.  Some are local.  Some are not.  Most have an online presence.  I have so much admiration for these "small fry" businesses and the fabulous craftsmanship they bring to the table with their creations, that I thought I would start a Creator Spotlight series, highlighting many of the brands I stock at Care By Air. 

First up this month is Anne Franklin, of {afd} gifts.  Anne creates "lovely little pieces", crafted of vintage and repurposed materials.  Her fabulous mini flower earrings, vintage bookmarks, medallions, credit card-sized metal bottle openers and globe ornaments have graced a slew of Care By Air packages!  A good friend of mine and business mentor, Anne has been a creator for many years.  She has an Etsy shop, her own studio, and a Facebook presence.  But, she also has a rotating schedule of local and long-distance makers' markets, farmers' markets, craft fairs, art shows, benefits, and events in her own front yard (literally).  OH, and she's also a wife and the mom of three amazing young women.  She's active in her church (where we met) and other charities and organizations outside of her business.  This woman busts a move!  Update that Anne is busily preparing for an in-person market on her street in Denver this weekend, and might have more upcoming.  Look her up and take a peek at her handmade beauties on Facebook  and Etsy

Thanks so much, Anne, for your lovely. little. pieces. 

{afd} gifts globe ornaments 2019Anne and Teri at Horseshoe Market 2019

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