Creator Spotlight #5: Aubin Jane of janeeedesigns

Creator Spotlight #5:  Aubin Jane of janeeedesigns

Since I ventured into the world of care packages, I've had the opportunity to observe and connect with a plethora of uber-talented creators and artisans, and I'm always hungry for more connections!  It is truly humbling to occupy a tiny speck in their world.  A commitment to support those creators and their ventures is really important to me.  Every day, I encounter men and women who are dedicated to hard work and quality authentic craftsmanship, values that are waning in today's consumer world.  In an effort to give you a little peek into their products, I started the Creator Spotlight series, highlighting many of the small biz brands I stock at Care By Air.  The first spotlight shone on Anne Franklin, of {afd} gifts.  Next, Brooke Sarmiento, founder of beeOCH Organics in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.  The December and Winter 2021 Spotlights shone on a couple of hobbyists:  my mom, Carol, and her hand crafted masks; and Rachel Pazmino of Aurora, CO, and her incredible soaps.

This Creator Spotlight peeks into a small biz owner/college student with an eye for detail and expression through jewelry making.  Aubin Jane is a college junior in Communications Studies with a minor in Music, Stage, and Sports Production.  Aubin has been selling her jewelry online since August 2019.  Growing up, Aubin discovered she was allergic to various metals commonly used in pierced earrings.  She basically wore one pair of earrings, to avoid infection.  At age 18, when a horrible wisdom teeth removal forced Aubin to convalesce longer than anticipated, her mom suggested she make her own earrings to pass the time.  And, so, the journey began.

Her friends LOVED the jewelry she crafted, and didn't waste time asking her to replicate her work for them.  Requests for her handmade creations started trickling, then pouring in.  As the popularity of her jewelry grew, a friend got her thinking about charging for her time and talent, to recover costs.  So, she took to social media, and began selling via Instagram in August of 2019.  By November, she'd branched out to form her Etsy Shop.  "Sales were great", Aubin says.  "I was honestly in awe of how much organization Etsy offered me, and how much easier it was to get packages out!"  She loves being able to express her brand on Etsy, and has really had a ton of fun in the process.  Fun Fact:  Aubin recently took the Johnson O'Connor Aptitude Test, and scored 96% on tweezer dexterity!  LOL.  

Keeping busy during the pandemic with college classes and an internship, Aubin cherishes time with friends, especially when it involves hiking or getting together with YoungLife and WyldLife ministry groups.  When asked what she looks forward to most once the world can finally put COVID-19 behind us, Aubin reported that she can't wait to hang out with all of her friends in one big group again.  "We have been so cautious this year, and I'm looking forward to being together freely!"  

You'll find Aubin's earrings popping up in our Spring packages, and her Andrea Beaded bracelets will be at the Care By Air booth in the Denver Bazaar Spring Series market at Belleview Station May 29th and 30th, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Don't miss it! 

The Lily Earring
The Pearl

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