Change The Daily Grind to The Weekly Pedal

Change The Daily Grind to The Weekly Pedal

In many areas of our lives, we practice a daily/weekly rhythm of ritual - a 6:00 a.m. workout, meal prep, stock market check, news snapshot, podcast, coffee break, etcetera.  Whatever it may be, our day may not "feel" complete without it, regardless of whether or not it's uplifting in nature.   

But, how many times a week do we actually schedule time to connect or check-in with loved ones and friends?  I'm talking actually carving out time for him/her/them?  Sure, we may put it on the iCal or reminder list "Text Catharine".  But, actually writing/typing 

"10:00 - 10:20 a.m. Check in with Catharine re:  her job application process"

I dunno about you, but carving out time for friends and distant family members can seem like an after-thought in my weekly rhythm...something that, at 9:40 at night, I realize "Shoot!  I forgot to respond to Mom's text!"  More often than not, we're wrapped up in the daily grind.  Personal check-ins with friends and family members are neglected somewhat or altogether, whether or not that's our intention. 

I recently became involved in a small church missional group who meet weekly to study Scripture and learn how to establish a rhythm of being intentional AND purposeful in my faith.  Why do I find this an invaluable practice?  Because the rhythm allows me to dig deeper into how the "lightbulb" moments in my life affect me, and what God might be trying to show me through those enlightening moments.  My point, here, is not to sell you on my church!  My point is that, in the same way we need to practice being intentional, and following through with purpose in our work or volunteer lives, we need to also practice these habits in connecting with others.  Is this for completely altruistic reasons?  No.  Those connections, whether viewed as meaningful or inane at the time, provide the basis for change in our lives.  Every single interaction, negative or positive, has some meaning for us or those with whom we connect.  We may not realize it at the time.  But, history and reality are forever changed, no matter the content of the interaction.  Additionally, the interactions give us pause, and slow our roll a bit in our "Daily Grind" - changing the grind to something more of a "Weekly Pedal".  And, slowing down a bit, my friends, is ALWAYS a good thing.  Until next time, keep moving forward - a little more *intentionally and purposefully.  

*For more on why both intention and purpose are necessary, check out the "INTENTION + PURPOSE = SUCCESS" blog post December 11, 2019. 






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