What is Care By Air?

Part One:  I was asked to describe what the human attributes of my business were...in five words.  But, since I never can make up my mind, I put a slash behind one, which would allow me to use six. Sneaky, I know.

Truth is, Care By Air's identity is still in the melding process.  As of now, though, I'd have to list these attributes: resourceful, loyal, charitable, sassy, and funny/witty. 

As my parents and family navigated the waters of my dad's declining health the past several years, things changed.  His mobility changed. His activity level plummeted. And, when undergoing an infection or becoming symptomatic with his congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, his memory would lapse, as well.  My mother grew tired. Dad became depressed. But, the smiles almost never faded. Despite the numerous obstacles, hospitalizations, canceled vacations, the smiles were still there...until last year, when Dad's decline became real.  Not fast. Just steady, and consistent.

My family members and I met with the care team at a rehabilitation hospital, wherein they informed my dad that he would need 24-hour care, and that such care was not possible at home.  He was crestfallen, but still in denial. He would need to be moved to a long-term care facility. Fancy words for what it really was -- a good old-fashioned nursing home. Thus, began the long, emotionally arduous road of searching for a "long term care facility" for Dad.  What ensued was a journey of slower days, more intentional prayer, and truly embracing time spent with family and friends.

I learned so much from the big guy above about patience, about being even MORE purposeful when life gets rushed, and about grace.  Not the grace I was brought up learning - you know, the kind you're terrified won't show on the night of a performance or when you're in formal clothes.  This grace is more like pause...Respect for the moments and people who fill our days. Grace is observing and contemplating before we react to others.  Before we open our mouths.  Because maybe, just maybe, we're not considering ourselves in that moment, and how our actions truly do act as the drop of water...the ripple in the still lake. Perhaps Care By Air is the butterfly effect of that journey.  Maybe, it's just a short-lived expression of the events of the past several years. I don't know. Time, my friends, will tell. Enjoy your weekend. And, remember to pause now and then.  To live graciously.  

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  • Megan

    I will practice the pause!

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