Building Community

Building Community

In the last blogs, I spoke about being intentional in our "daily pedal", and carving out, rather than "finding", time to connect with others.  The daily and weekly connections we make help us to build community.  And, we all have a place within that community.  Don't forget.  You may be in a position of feeling "lost" or "unattached" right now.  Always remember that you have made, or maybe continue to make, an impact on others within your community - your circle.  That circle doesn't have to encompass a gazillion friends.  It's simply the people you interact with regularly:  the person who checks you out at the grocery store, your Uber driver, your child's teacher, your mail carrier, the guy across from you on the train during your daily commute.  It's like Fred Rogers sang "These are the people in your neighborhood!" ; ) lol 

I'm building a page for those who might be seeking help in the caregiver realm via community resources, but aren't sure where to look.  Right now, that page includes a few national resources, as well as some Denver metro area resources.  Please email me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the information that I share on this page.  (Please Note:  These are NOT PAID ADVERTISEMENTS.  Only suggestions based on some research I've done, and experience I've had with the organizations mentioned.)

Caregiver Community Resource Page



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