Why Care By Air?

...Because I've been there through the struggle, beside the struggle, and beyond the struggle.

Creator Spotlight Series #5: Aubin Jane of Jane Designs

It's Spring!

Take a peek at the small businesses and hobbyists whose products are featured in Care By Air packages!

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we made it to 2021!

We're on to a brand new calendar, and the horizon looks brighter.
Spread that warm sunshine around to loved ones via good old-fashioned snail mail. When we can't all be together, here's the next best thing. Newest packages out on Etsy!


Your card and care package arrived and absolutely made my day! It's really terrific and every item provides physical/emotional comfort...


Beautiful basket! Thank you for being so flexible and letting me "customize" my package!

Through the Struggle

...When they're hurting. Struggling. In pain. Send them love to show them they're in your thoughts, especially when you can't be there.